UK “Domestic” V2G and DSR Trial Projects

It seems that some people from across the pond are getting very excited about a little vehicle-to-home pilot project just announced by a not so little US automobile company called General Motors.

It seems that GM are blissfully unaware of the “domestic” V2x and smart charging pilot projects that have been under way here in the United Kingdom for several years. To help enlighten Mary Barra et al. I’ve deleted the “top secret” sections from a presentation I’ve been giving to assorted British and International EV charging standard development committees for the past few months.

You can download the resulting PDF here. In brief:

In 2018 the UK Government’s Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) invested £30 million in a range of V2G feasibility studies, R&D projects and “real world demonstrators”, with some additional R&D funding since then.

BEIS has also invested in “Domestic DSR” R&D, including “smart charging”

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