The Things Network and Digital Catapult join LoRaWAN forces!

Some extremely interesting news just arrived in my inbox. Perhaps Kasia will have much more to say on this in due course, but for the moment here are the bare bones from this morning’s press release from The Things Network:

Digital Catapult & The Things Network join forces to create the largest LoRaWAN network in the UK

Digital Catapult’s Things Connected initiative has partnered with The Things Network (TTN). This collaboration brings together two well-established initiatives in the UK, creating Britain’s largest free-to-use LoRaWAN network and innovation community.

UK innovators will now be able to develop and build Internet of Things (IoT) solutions on a network with over 400 base stations across the country. It brings together the existing Things Connected regions (London, North-East, and Northern Ireland) and the 63 local The Things Network communities with over 700 members and 300 base stations. Things Connected innovation programmes are now more accessible and inclusive to UK entrepreneurs no matter where they’re based.

Apart from anything else that means that down here in North Cornwall we can now stop umming and ahhing and forge ahead with setting up a LoRaWAN gateway somewhere high in the hills above SilicInny Valley!

4 thoughts on “The Things Network and Digital Catapult join LoRaWAN forces!”

  1. A link to GitHub just in from Mark Stanley, who is an LPWAN consultant for the Digital Catapult:

    TheThingsNetwork LoraWAN gateway with RAK831 / IMST iC880A and RaspberryPi Zero W for outdoor use with 5.5dB colinear antenna

    To boost the growth of cost-effective community established outdoor gateways we have designed IRNAS outdoor LoraWAN gateway that includes all components and an antenna element in a weatherproof enclosure. This way communities can easily deploy good quality gateways with minimal costs. IRNAS outdoor LoraWAN gateway joins great solutions into an unified gateway.

    We already have a Raspberry Pi Zero W on our shelf, so we may well give this a go to dip our collectives toes in the LoRaWAN water.

  2. Our Things Network LoRaWAN gateway duly arrived earlier today and is now up and running. Here’s the evidence:


    There’s not many gateways across Devon and Cornwall, and ours is the most westerly of the lot!

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