AC Vehicle-to-Grid Technology Arrives in the United Kingdom

Here is the moment that Robin Berg of “We Drive Solar” announced to Robert Llewellyn and the huge crowd attending the V2G panel session at Fully Charged Live 2109 that the first ISO 15118 compliant AC V2G charging station had already arrived in Great Britain:

A little later Robin and I exchanged a ceremonial handshake in the muddy field that passes for a car park at the Silverstone Circuit in Northamptonshire:

Having transferred the charging station from the back of Robin’s Tesla Model S into the rear of our humble Honda Jazz, it has now made its way safely to the courtyard here at V2G Towers in (currently!) sunny SilicInny Valley near Camelford in North Cornwall:

The next step is to provide it with some power!

2 thoughts on “AC Vehicle-to-Grid Technology Arrives in the United Kingdom”

  1. Dear Sirs, I am amused by v2g technology and the rapid development that is underway in the UK. Unfortunately I live in Denmark, where things happen very slowly. I wish to use my Leaf with cooperation with solar energy to feed my house and the grid in case of overproduction. Now I am only feeding the fried for pennies and my Leaf is parked doing nothing. Could you kindly provide me with informations where to buy v2g charger. Thank you in advance. Adam Prastowski

    1. Hi Adam,

      If you only get paid “pennies” for exporting to your local distribution grid it sounds as though what you actually need is more like a vehicle-to-home (V2H) charging station? Here in the UK “self consumption” is now the name of the game if you possess your own solar PV or wind generation.

      Please note that the charging station shown above can charge a LEAF via its AC port, but cannot discharge the LEAF’s battery pack to the home or grid since Nissan currently only support DC V2G. 7kW smart charging effectively.


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